Дил розларим сизга армугон!
Дилсора Фозилова
Dilsora Fozilova

7/17/2008 4:43:26 PM
Dark Snow

The day my garden blossomed green,
It started snowing, like droplets of death
I was in my warm house but my heart was outside,
Crying and groaning under the snow…

The shiny days were beautiful and amazing
Were giving hope and birth to the greenery
I cared about my plants like my adorable baby…

Is killing someone’s hope amusing?
Is life merely pending…
Then parting happiness?

It was snowing horribly and I was helpless
I was freezing terribly in my warm house
My blood was freezing; my thoughts were freezing,
Tears were freezing on my face.

There was an endless sky – enjoying the purity,
There were countless tiny snowflakes playfully falling
Looking out from my tiny window, alone and insignificant,
As they were carelessly freezing my garden
As they were merrily destroying my life…!
I heard: My heart stopped weeping
Fell silent and wordlessly gave up.