Дил розларим сизга армугон!
Дилсора Фозилова
Dilsora Fozilova

7/16/2008 10:54:59 AM
I Love You My Baby…

I looked for something special for you
As precious as diamond, as beautiful as rose,
Something that stays forever alive,
And has significance for all of life’s seasons,
Something gives you joy all the times,
Something fits all of your reasons…

Today I am around you for all of your needs.
I am the sun of your days, to make your life brighter,
I am the moon of your nights, to secure your sweet slumber.

One day if you fly away from the mother’s nest
Like an eagle’s eyes looking to strive to the highest
Every morning I will wake up and hope only the best for you
Hope for faith, strength, and happiness for you.

There won’t be a mom to give you a warm jacket
And a tasty sandwich or a little piece of food
But there would be a mom, who thinks every moment,
Are you happy? Are you doing alright?

Don’t be afraid to have great goals in your life
There is nothing too big if you cut it pieces
I want to see you as a fabulous artist as you want,
Baby… Make mom feel proud and pleased.

Mothers always have worrying hearts
Let me know if you are fine, by the way you want
I want you know I am here for you while my heart beats,
I want you feel you have been always cared and needed.

My heart is accepting the truth with the tears now.
These words are only the shadows of my love.