Дил розларим сизга армугон!
Дилсора Фозилова
Dilsora Fozilova

6/9/2008 3:13:08 PM

Two snakes built a nest in one of the corners of my house,
I was sad, but thought God gave it to me for a reason.
Somebody said "Don’t kill one, the snakes will retaliate,
Her mate will kill your spouse extremely soon."

Long nights I couldn’t sleep, secured my sweetheart,
One night the snake sank her teeth into my chest.
I was sleeping deep…
Forgotten about the snake…
Will never awake…
Does the snake ever think…?
My mate might kill her mate?
Does the snake think a woman hasn’t anyone to take revenge?

It was my fault; destroying life is the snakes’ custom,
Does anyone sleep without worry while snakes live in same place?
Does someone care about a mate,
Ever build a nest in a stranger’s home?
Please, do not kill the snake’s mate, my heartbroken friend.