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Дилсора Фозилова
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4/20/2011 10:35:26 AM
Alberta Employment and Immigration’s New Regulation is Welcoming Foreign Skilled Workers

The recent article, that caught my attention on Edmonton Journal by Journal staff on March 14, 2011 talks about Alberta’s foreign workers can apply directly to Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program for their permanent residency in Canada instead of applying through their employers. The new applications and changes of the government codes effect on the social and economical life of the society, and giving more opportunities for the skilled workers from the foreign countries to live and work within Canada will affect on social stratification. I intended to analyze this article with Karl Marks’ ideology of “Stability verses Change”, causes and effects of increasing cultural diversity, and how skilled workers’ age, skills, culture, and background experiences will outcome to fit in Canadian society.
Until Alberta Employment and Immigration set the new regulation about skilled workers, they applied for residency through their employers. It was twice more complicated to go through all the procedures. Alberta Employment and Immigration Program’s intention of this action is simplifying the process of becoming permanent resident in Canada. According to Canada’s Immigration and Employment Program, Canada has the highest immigration rate in the world. There are three different categories of the immigrants that Canada allows to come in for the few different reasons; the first category is social component, which are family class immigrants. The reason for allowing family class immigrants are low birth rate and increasing family structured societies. The second category is humanitarian component which are refuges and the people around the world who strongly need shelter, food and basic living conditions. Looking at the planet as “a home for whole” and caring about each-other is the reason of this category immigration. The third category is the economic component which includes skilled workers and business people to meet labor market needs and to achieve long term social and political plans of the government. Each category immigrants has different affects for economic and social structure. Bringing skilled workers to Canada is very intellectual political decision of the Alberta government. Importance of this act is Alberta government is not taking risk by bringing new immigrants to the province but keeping what already exists in provincial labor market. The immigrants who already have permanent jobs and job offers will be ones who can nominate for this program. However, with this new application Alberta government is attracting many skilled workers from foreign countries to the province of Alberta.
As this article makes it clear, Minister of Employment and Immigration Alberta Mr. Thomas Lukaszuk said “We have to make sure we are ready for the coming shortages as economies around the world are competing for the same skills and the same people. This change will allow Alberta to nominate the most qualified and experienced trade’s people working in occupations that are needed in Alberta”. In other words Alberta government wants to increase qualified working class within the province. Low birth rate can be one of the supporting factors for the government to point out for high rate immigration. Although, filling the existing labor market needs seems to be the most important influence for attracting skilled workers rather than immigrants of any other category.
Beside the many benefits from increasing skilled worker units in the province, there are some obvious disadvantages for the citizens of Alberta. With Capitalist perspective and Carl Marks ideology this process may allow increasing social stratification and social inequality within Alberta. Karl Marks believes “conflict, especially class conflict is necessary in order to produce social change and better society” The people from the poor countries satisfy with lower wage rates for working hard and working longer hours. For those kinds of people it is very important to get stable job and find a way to stay in Canada where quality of the life is much better compare to their country of origin. It advantages the employers, as “few people will control the labor of many” is one of the significant elements of the capitalism, this political action may increase segments of the capitalism in the state. Also it may lower the wage rates in the labor market, which decreases the affordability of the middle and lower class societies to the basic living costs. In other words it may increase poverty level in the province. With high unemployment rate, bringing skilled workers from the foreign countries doesn’t help to the unemployed people to find a job and better their life. At the same time many organizations and manufactories may prefer hardworking foreign workers compare to the unemployed people with previously drug and alcohol addictions or criminal records. Also it increases the housing and rental costs within the province. Also cultural differences might make them more dependent to their employers until they learn rights and freedoms of the Canadian citizens; for example Chinese and Philippines immigrants known for working in one job all their life or at least for long time. Their interactions with others will be Organic Solidarity oriented because most skilled workers don’t have close families and communities to celebrate family and traditional believes together.
According to the Davis – Moore thesis, functionalist explanation of social inequality, “Social inequality not only is inevitable but also is necessary for the smooth functioning of society” From functionalist perspective this application improves functions of the society by creating competitive work place culture; competitive positions, competitive wages, competitive quality and quantity matters. One of the main requirements of applying to come to Canada as a skilled worker is to know certain level of primary language spoken in the country. It means skilled workers don’t need language trainings. Also most skilled workers already have university and college degrees from their country of origin. It means Canadian government is bringing knowledgeable professionals which plays significant role for the future economic and social situation of the country. In the long term it might be one of the factors to decrease poverty.
Age of the skilled workers is another factor that government is counting on. Usually skilled workers fit in middle age level which is 18 to 40. At the present “Baby – Boomers” generation in Canada is in later phases of their life and middle age immigrants are very important for the age balance of the country. Also new coming skilled workers have enough time to work and to make their retirement plans. Also government is beneficial as new residents help for taxation, “pay-as-you-go” liability for the future assumptions. New residents’ age is not only significant factor for the social structure and also it is significant ground for the amount of support the government has to provide them as an immigrant. For example: until child becomes skilled worker he needs long term support and training which requires a lot more financial assistance. Also older immigrant who retires within 5 to 10 years has not enough retirement money and that kind of immigrants will be increase for government’s poverty level and also is not effective for government’s economic and social growth. Also article says Federal government is limiting the number of skilled workers Alberta can nominee for Permanent Residence. Federal government is minimizing the negative effects of the immigration to the citizens of its own.
Alberta Employment and Immigration Program’s new application of “Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program” which simplifies process of getting permanent residency for the skilled workers to stay and work within Canada. The chosen five thousand skilled workers can get permanent residency by directly applying to the government instead of applying through their employers. Regardless of the risk of decreasing average wage rates and making it harder to get a job for the existing unemployed people within the province, new application has significant role for meeting government’s future economic and social plans.

Alberta Employment and Immigration’s New Regulation is Welcoming Foreign Skilled Workers

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